20170611_143231“Outrage against public decency. Crime tool: a cigarette.”
A reference to the article 226 of the Tunisian penal code.

Nearly two weeks have passed now since the #MouchBessif (Not Against My will) event. Several dozens (approximately one hundred) people gathered in the capital, Tunis, to protest against the closing of fastfoods, restaurants and cafés during the day in Ramadan, and also to call for the right to eat in public during the Islamic month. There were also signs protesting against the now numerous arrests of people eating and/or smoking in public, or who have consumed alcohol, during Ramadan.

In this first of its kind event, people were smoking cigarettes (which is a fast breaker) and drinking water, all in front of the policemen who were there for security, I guess. Surprisingly, they did not interfere. Even more surprising is the absence of violence (physical or verbal) from the people passing by. The “moderate Muslims” that populate the country did not stone us, hit us or insult us! Maybe because of the police, or maybe because they did not really understand what was going on. It was almost as if we weren’t in Tunisia.


But I got back to earth when I got home and discovered the countless insulting or threatening comments. The event was quite talked about, not only in Tunisia but also, and especially, outside. And the links were getting shared for many days after the event. Several members of the #Fater Facebook group expressed their satisfaction towards the event and how it was so talked about. That, in itself, was a good sign and proof the event succeeded. The negative comments showed, as usual, how so many Muslims are ready to fuck you up in order to show you how fucking peaceful and merciful Islam is.

What is interesting though is that these negative reactions coming from “peaceful” and “moderate” Muslims somehow encapsulate some of the biggest issues with Islam. In some cases, they show the contradictions and the incompatibility between the teachings of Islam and the lifestyles of people who call themselves “Muslims” and who blindly follow this religion because that is what everyone does, and the dilemma that ensues within those Muslims’ minds; in other cases they simply show how Islam is really, really out of date with the modern world, how its basic teachings and core are in opposition to anything humane and rational. Of course, this does not mean that other religions like Christianity are. It is merely a matter of how dedicated people are to their religion, and the biggest problem (and difference) with Islam is that the Quran is the “word of Allah” and thus it is perfect already and no one has the right to contradict it or say it is wrong.

I will give some examples, with translations, to show exactly what some of the main problems with Islam are through these examples. I deliberately chose negative comments, that does not mean that positive ones do not exist. But the negative ones are much more representative of the problems within Islam, while the positive ones do little to no good in solving these problems. Simply repeating “this does not represent Islam” or citing the “good” verses in the Quran is not enough. I have also received a direct death threat. One has to bear in mind that not all Muslims think this way or would actually act instead of just posting bullshit on Facebook; though judging from the amount of comments it is easy to be mistaken.

There’s no doubt that refusing to fast during Ramadan without a legitimate reason is one of the biggest sins. It’s haram and no one should do it, because breaking the fast on purpose is a violation of the sanctity of this holy month, and a disobedience to the orders of Allah when he said “Then complete the fast until the sunset” Al Baqarah – 187
The Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah bless him, said: “He who breaks his fast without an excuse has committed a great sin.”

This brainless living organism simply made a copy/paste from here and she is quoting Ibn Taymiyyah, one of the most radical Muslim Scholars of Islamic history. He is often cited as the main source of inspiration for terrorism and terrorist groups , due to his radical views and positions towards non-Muslims, apostates and sinners in general.
This same Sheikh has called for the death of those who do not fast on purpose, and who have no legitimate reason to do so.
What is striking here is that these living things, like the one commenting with Ibn Taymiyyah’s quotes, do not live by the standards of Islam, as it is obvious by her looks, nor by the standards of the bloodthirsty Sheikhs they like to quote. If anything, she would be one of the first and most appealing victims of rape and/or slavery if an Islamic State was ever to be installed. But She is forced (or rather, brainwashed) to say what she said, because that is what we are all taught in Muslim countries. They do not teach us about diversity and plurality, they do not teach us about people having different faiths and beliefs (or lack of), they only teach us about the one true, correct way, which is Islam, and anyone who does not follow us is a fucking kafir scum who needs to be shamed and insulted.

02-Soumaya Alayet
He deserves it. I hope the people who protested in the capital calling for their right to not fast will meet the same end. No one will force you not to eat at your home (random Tunisian curse that cannot really be translated). It’s a shame there are no men in the capital, otherwise one would have run them down with his car to take them all. In that case they will have legitimate reasons to not fast, and if they die, may Allah not forgive them.

The first phrase is a reference to another man getting a prison sentence for smoking in public, in the city of Bizerte. And yes, it is a totally different incident from the one where four people were sentenced to prison. It is also a different case than the couple who got arrested in the city of Sfax.
But taking cars and running into crowds of people. Sounds familiar? Of course, mutiple Muslims answering the calls of Muslim Sheikhs, while “moderate Muslims” incite and encourage to do the same thing, “has nothing to do with Islam.” And this is another problem with Islam. Its followers, and I really mean the vast majority of them, would not do the things this scumbag said in her comment. That much is true. But when it comes to actually protest against the way these scumbags think and say, the majority of “moderate Muslims” will not interfere. If anything, a lot of them would actually encourage her. Even if these acts are against their own personal beliefs (everyone has the right to believe in what they want, no killing of other people), Islam said these kuffar scums have to die, and “I, as a Muslim,” cannot go against Islam.

Go fuck your mother you bitch, even whores are allowed to talk now, those who don’t want to fast can go fuck their mothers and your whore mother, too, you bitch, you don’t decide for anyone you whore, and when you fuck and spread your legs, can you do it in front of people in the street, fucking whore, fuck off.

This is another common type of “moderate Muslims.” Them being Muslim gives them the legitimacy to say whatever they like to other people, even if these people live by close standards to their own. But Islam is above all, so it is perfectly normal to insult other people who are not Muslim because they are cursed already by Allah. And of course, in the eyes of these “moderate Muslims,” girls who do not abide by strict Islamic laws are whores that can be insulted and abused just like slaves, and sometimes they would go as far as to physically attack them.

04-زايد القفصي

You boast of drinking alcohol and of going out at night and of debauchery, just wait, we will cut your heads off your necks as soon as Tunisia becomes a land of Jihad.

This one is more direct in his threats, although I still believe he does not have the courage to do the things he mentioned. Still, these people are dangerous because they are not afraid of showing their support to terrorist acts. They are also easy targets for recruitment by terrorist organizations.

And, last but not least, the crown jewel of them all. An ISIS supporter, apparently living in Leipzig, Germany, is threatening to kill people in private messages.

This last one is obviously much more radical than the other ones, and more dedicated to sending death-threat messages, but otherwise, the rest are normal, casual “moderate Muslims” commenting (well, except the fourth one). You will not see them carrying weapons to “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.” – Attawba – 29

These “moderates” are merely supporting terrorist actions which “have nothing to do with Islam.” And that is exactly the problem of Islam. These people cry out loud how ISIS does not represent Islam (which is evidently not true if we take a simple look at Muhammad’s numerous military campaigns) while they are, in reality, supporting their actions, to lesser extents, when it comes to actually dealing with non-Muslims in a Muslim country (particularly Arabs and ex-Muslims).

The longer people continue to ignore the fact that Islam in its core is not a “religion of peace,” the longer the problem will persist. Of course that does not mean that other religions are a “better pick,” but for now, the world is more worried about Islam and, personally, I am also more worried about Islam.


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